Summer Mobile – With Boats

There are so many possibilities on how you can utilize this mobile to enhance your camps sailing program this summer. If you book this mobile we will send two CYA Certified Instructors to your camp with a trailer containing a number of different sailing dinghy’s, teaching aids, PFD’s and a coach boat with motor. This program can be used to increase capacity in your sailing program if you have a peak week of the summer when your program is usually full, or if you want to run a sailing specialty week. The additional boats can accommodate up to 12 participants on the water at a time. The instructors can work with your existing sailing program and give campers the opportunity to work on official CYA Levels. Camp staff and Counsellors in Training can also utilize this opportunity to work on their personal skill development and certification. The instructors will arrive at your camp Sunday evening to set up, and the program will wrap up Friday at noon. To book a Summer Mobile to visit your camp, pleaseemail or call 1-888-672-7245 ext. 226

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