Training Centres

Ontario Regional Training Centres

What is the purpose of the Centres?
The purposes of setting up Training Centres include:
  • Support the development of Athletes from the Grassroots to the National Team Level
  • Support the development of Coaches from Level 1 (CANSail 1&2) to Level 4-5
What are the benefits to Athletes, Coaches and Clubs?
The benefits to athletes include:
  • Access to High Performance Coaches
  • Access to Boat Specific Coaches
  • Team Approach to Coaching
  • Access to National Level Coaches
The benefits to coaches include:
  • Access to skill development opportunities
  • Access to opportunities to increase certification
  • More employment time (increased earnings)
  • Long Term Goal – Make Coaching a Career
The benefits to Clubs include:
  • Direct Access to and involvement with Ontario Sailing, Ontario Coaches Association and the National Coaching Institute of Canada
  • Professional Development for Club Coaches
  • Access to training Camps
  • More funding from Ontario Sailing for coaching 
  • Potential Full time coaching positions created
  • Coaching consistency from year to year

Click here to read the full description and 2013 agreement terms

Training Centres for 2013:
National Training Centre
 Legion Facility & TSCC (supported by Ontario Sailing, Sail Canada and Canadian Sport Institute Ontario)
Provincial Training Centre Training Facility
Royal Canadian Yacht Club – Olympic National Yacht Club
Nepean Sailing Club – Paralympic Barrie Yacht Club
Sail Parry Sound
Regional Training Centre Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club
Kingston Yacht Club  Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario
Oakville Yacht Squadron (New 2013)
Development Training Centres Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club (Pending New)
Sarnia Yacht Club Niagara-on-the-Lake Sailing Club (Pending New)
Port Credit Yacht Club Fanshawe Yacht Club (Pending New for 2014-15)
Nepean Sailing Club  Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club (Pending New)
Buffalo Canoe Club  Brockville Yacht Club (New)
 Britannia Yacht Club
Etobicoke Yacht Club
 Toronto Windsurfing Club (New Level)
 Royal Hamilton Yacht Club (New Level)
 Bronte Harbour Yacht Club (New Level)
Additional Naming of Clubs
If your Club is interested in becoming a Centre and wants to support the training of Athletes and Coaches in Ontario, please Contact Glenn Lethbridge Executive Director, Ontario Sailing at
Clubs will automatically start off at the Training Facility Level, with review, where agreed to by Ontario Sailing’s Athlete Development Committee. Funding will only be released once a signed agreement is made between Ontario Sailing and the Club. Funds will be distributed sometime in August.

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