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2) By post to: 17 – 70 Unsworth Drive, Hamilton, ON L8W 3K4


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NOTE: Actual availability and prices of items are subject to change.  All prices are in Canadian funds. Shipping policies are included on the order form.
5% GST will be added to all prices or 13% HST will be added to those items identified:
BOOKS Item Number Price
The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024  (Add HST) 
    A2003 $24.75
Join the Race Committee Team book     A2006 $18.99
Race Management Manual – Free download available from Sail Canada website     A2016 No Charge
Basic Sailing Skills     A3002 $16.00
Advanced Sailing Skills (available as e-book from Sail Canada website)     A3003 $ 9.99
Optimist Sailing with Puffy & Friends Book with stickers     A3004 $10.50
CANSail 1 & 2 Workbook (Add HST)     A3006 $14.00
Optimist Sailing Workbook     A3008 $10.50 
The Playbook      A3009 $24.50 
Basic Cruising Logbook (Add HST)     A4003 $12.00
Basic Power Boating Skills Manual (Add HST)     A4007 $26.25
Basic Cruising Skills Manual (Add HST)     A4008 $29.99
Ontario Sailing Wet Notes (add HST)     AL03 $10.00
Bronze Sail Workbook (includes Answer Key) (add HST)     K4067 $18.00
Athlete Daily Log Book     OSA-04 $25.00
Boating Basics Handbook (add HST)     B030EN $17.95


ITEMS Item Number Price
Judges’ Flag (Add HST) 
    H2015 $39.00
Ontario Sailing Burgee (12×18 Navy & White Nylon) (add HST) – photo below     OSA-02BF $8.85
4Ocean Bracelets (add HST) – photos below     4Ocean $29.99
Salus Amicus Throw Bay (80 foot 1/4 inch cord) (add HST) – photo below     Salus4 $59.00
Salus Abacus SL-660 PFD Black (sizes S/M, M/L, L/XL) (add HST) – photos below – CLICK HERE FOR SIZING CHART Limited quantities – email to check before paying.     Salus1/2/3 $169.00


Ontario Sailing Burgee

4Ocean Bracelets

Salus Amicus Throw Bag

Back and Front Shown

Salus Abacus SL-660 PFD with COACH and Ontario Sailing logo

Back & Front Shown

LIMITED QUANTITIES (send email to to check before ordering)


Ontario Sailing Clothing from Fogh Marine

Fogh Marine sells a selection of apparel branded with the Ontario Sailing logo.  A portion of the proceeds from these items will go to support Ontario Sailing programs. 
For more information and to order, go to the Fogh Marine website.