We are pleased to announce that the Ontario Sailing Board has created a COVID Task Group that will help our Sport with the ever changing landscape of COVID.

The group is made up of Board, Staff, Legal and Medical Experts, Club representatives and an International Sailing Judge.

This dedicated group will be working to help:

  1. Form sound communications to all our Member Clubs, Schools, Class Associations, Affiliates and members of member organizations;
  2. Interpret the Legal requirements that the Province imposes on our sport and recreational activities of Sailing including training; and
  3. Help work and communicate to partners, other sports and especially the Province about Sailing.

We will make sure that our website, social media posts, electronic newsletters and communications are as clear as possible for everyone to understand the effects on Sailing.

COVID has created changes in our life. We ask that you understand and appreciate that rules can change based on the Colour Zone your area maybe in, from Green to Shut Down.

One of the goals of the Task Group is to make sure everyone is made aware of any change(s) that come forward over the next days, weeks and months.


Glenn Lethbridge
Executive Director
Ontario Sailing