As we work toward a day when the pandemic is in our rear-view mirrors, we look to the creation of a strategic plan focused on the future.  Over the years, Ontario Sailing has created strategic plans with varying degrees of involvement from the Sailing community.  This is a typical approach for community and membership-based organizations.  There is an ebb and flow that leaders recognize around when stakeholder input is critical and when it is not.  We believe now is a time when we must develop a strategic plan that is highly inclusive.  This is your invitation to be part of imagining the future for sailing in Ontario.  

There will be four avenues used to gather input over the course of the next six months including:

  • A survey (link below),
  • Focus groups,
  • Individual interviews, and
  • a planning session in early Fall.


The first step is to gather as wide a range of input as possible from our stakeholders.  We strongly encourage you to invite as many individuals from your sailing groups as possible to participate in this survey which takes under ten minutes to complete.  Our hope is that all the different programs and services your organization offers will be represented. Your input is vitally important.

The Ontario Sailing Board has appointed a strategic planning committee that includes Board members: Corey Glynn, Ottawa; Felicity Rodness, Toronto; and Laurie Parkhill, Oakville. They are supported by staff members Lisa Roddie, COAST Manager, and Glenn Lethbridge, Executive Director.

We have retained Maryann Kerr with the Medalist Group to facilitate the strategic planning process.  For more information on the firm, please go to

All responses to the survey are anonymous and confidential. Maryann will collect the data and aggregate it to create a picture for the strategic planning committee on what is important to Ontario Sailing stakeholders as we plan for the future.  Your input is needed and valued.  Thank you for caring about the future of sailing in Ontario.

Remember to please share the survey with as many others as possible and encourage participation.

The survey will be available to complete until Friday, May 21, 2021.

Thank you for your participation.

Link to Survey: